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Africa wins with Edtech

Mobile learning (m-learning), online courses, and other aspects of e-learning technology have the potential to enhance education provision in Africa in numerous ways. From raising literacy levels in poor rural areas where education infrastructure is lacking, to complementing the existing courses at Africa's top universities, remote learning using educational technology is flexible and very versatile. Affordable internet [...]

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SUEZ CANAL: The Project That Intrigued Pharaohs, Kings, Generals, and Even Caused Several Wars

The Suez Canal is a 163 km long artificial waterway that connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea, and also separates the African continent from Asia. It provides the shortest sea route between Europe and countries of South East Asia, cutting travel time by more than 7,000 km! Before the construction of this canal, [...]

Africa Facts: Know the Meaning of Some Africa’s Proverbs

A dry March, a wet April and a cool May fill barn and cellar and bring much hay Harvest predictions according to the weather A fault confessed is half redressed Confession is the beginning of forgiveness A flower blooms more than once If you miss an occasion, you can avail of it at another time. [...]

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Africa Facts for Teens: Know the Capitals of African Countries

Countries Algeria Capitals Algiers Angola Luanda Benin Porto-Novo Botswana Gaborone Burkina Faso Ouagadougou Burundi Bujumbura Cameroon Yaounde' Cape Verde Islands Praia Central African Republic Bangui Chad N'Djamena Comoros Moroni Congo Brazzaville Cote d'Ivoire Abidjan Djibouti Djibouti Egypt Cairo Equitorial Guinea Malabo Eritrea Asmara Ethiopia Addis Ababa Gabon Libreville Gambia Banjul Ghana Accra Guinea Conakry Guinea-Bissau [...]

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Do Yourself a Favour, Learn Something New Everyday

George Lorimer said, 'You've got to get up every morning with determination if you're going to go to bed with satisfaction. One of the most interesting way to live your life as a student is to begin each day with the determination to learn something new, you must determine to experience something different from what you experienced the previous day. One [...]

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10 Amazing Animal Facts (Pangolin)

Pangolins are mammals, and the name pangolin comes from the Malay word pengguling which means something that rolls up. They are found in tropical regions throughout Southern, Central and East Africa as well as Asia; and usually prefer sandy soils that are within reach of water. Consider below, some amazing features of the animal often confused [...]


Government, SS 2, Week 1 Topic: AFRICA THE CENTERPIECE OF NIGERIA’S FOREIGN POLICY Contents: The origin of the concept "Africa the centre piece of Nigeria's foreign policy Principles of the concept Reasons for the adoption of Africa as the centre piece of Nigeria's foreign policy. Formulation How has Nigeria Demonstrated that Africa is the centre [...]

10 Amazing Animal Facts (GALAGOS, also known as BUSH BABIES)

Galagos, also known as bush babies or nagapies (which means little night monkeys in Afrikaans, a South African language of Dutch origin) are small nocturnal primates found in sub-Saharan Africa, and make up the family Galagidae (also sometimes called Galagonidae). 1. They are found in the forests of West and Central East Africa.  They live [...]

Amazing Country Facts (Mauritius)

Quick Facts Location:Indian Ocean island, 2,000km off the southeast coast of the African continent. Land Area: 2,040 km² Capital City: St. Louis, which is also the largest city Population: 1,216,208 (2014 estimate) Languages: English, French, Mauritian Creole Below are some pictures of Mauritius St Louis - Capital City of Mauritius Recreation Sports [...]

WEIRD: Just as US Vice President thinks ‘Africa’ is a country, even CNN has NO IDEA where Nigeria is

You would think an acclaimed news broadcaster like CNN would know where Nigeria is located, but it seems they are a bit ignorant of the African map. The leading news television channel was recently reporting on the Ebola crisis currently developing in West Africa when they mistakenly portrayed Nigeria as located in the place of [...]

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