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SUEZ CANAL: The Project That Intrigued Pharaohs, Kings, Generals, and Even Caused Several Wars

The Suez Canal is a 163 km long artificial waterway that connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea, and also separates the African continent from Asia. It provides the shortest sea route between Europe and countries of South East Asia, cutting travel time by more than 7,000 km! Before the construction of this canal, [...]

10 Amazing Animal Facts (Pangolin)

Pangolins are mammals, and the name pangolin comes from the Malay word pengguling which means something that rolls up. They are found in tropical regions throughout Southern, Central and East Africa as well as Asia; and usually prefer sandy soils that are within reach of water. Consider below, some amazing features of the animal often confused [...]

For Science Sake! Is It a Hurricane or a Typhoon?

Listening to the news with your parents, you probably have heard the words, hurricane and typhoon. What are they? Do they mean the same thing? Let Science answer those questions. A hurricane and a typhoon refer to the same weather event, just in different locations. Let's take rice as an example, different tribes in Nigeria [...]