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Basic Technology

Classwork Series {Basic Technology – JSS3}: Isometric Drawing

Basic Technology, JSS 3,Week: 6 Topic: Isometric Drawing Contents: Meaning of Isometric Drawing Isometric Axes Isometric Drawing of Simple Shaped Blocks Drawing Isometric Blocks with Freehand Meaning of Isometric Drawing Isometric drawing is a pictorial method of drawing which shows the three faces of an object together. It is a clear way of presenting information [...]

Classwork Series { Basic Technology – JSS2}: Information and Communication Technology

Basic Technology,JSS 2 First Term, Week 2  Topic: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) ICT is an acronym that stands for Information and Communication Technology. ICT covers a broad spectrum of activities involving production, processing and distribution of information and knowledge. The basic element of ICT and the determinants of level of access to it are [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Basic Technology – JSS1}: Uses of Material – Wood and Metals

Basic Technology JSS1 Week 3 Topic: Uses of Materials - Wood and Metals Wood Wood is a highly versatile material and has a long history of use. Despite the availability of alternative materials, wood remains preferred choice when it comes to variety of things and applications. Here are some uses of wood: Furniture and flooring: [...]

Basic Technology – Concept of Technology

Basic Technology JSS 1, Week: 1 Topic: Concept of Technology Meaning of Technology Technology is a term that may be new to us but it is describing something which is not new at all. Technology affects our daily life. We see its effect around us every day, even though we may not know what it [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises { Basic Technology- JSS1}: Board Practices

Board Practices In order to display good board practice, it is necessary to use the appropriate drawing instruments. This chapter treats the correct procedures for setting the drawing paper, correct use of each drawing instrument, how to sharpen pencils, borderlines, title block, good freehand lettering and types and use of lines in technical drawing habits. [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Basic Technology – JSS2}: PRINCIPLES OF EVAPORATION

JSS 2 BASIC TECH THIRD TERM Week 3 Topic: PRINCIPLES OF EVAPORATION LEADING TO COOLING BY REFRIGERANTS Compressor: The refrigerant is a low pressure gas at the evaporator section while it is expected to be a high pressure gas at the condenser side. Therefore, in order to circulate the refrigerant throughout the system, we must [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Basic Tech – JSS2}: Kinetic Energy

Basic Tech JSS 2 Week 1 Topic: Kinetic Energy Introduction Matter contains very tiny particles such as atoms, molecules or ions. These particles are always in continuous random motion. The energy which these particles possess that enable them move about is called kinetic energy. The word kinetic is derived from the Greek word “kineo” which [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Basic Technology – JSS3}: Production Of Materials – Metals

 Basic Technology, JSS 3, Week: 3 Topic:  Production of Materials – Metals Meaning of Metal Metals are materials used in producing some equipment used in everyday life. Metals are usually solid but a few ones are in liquid or powder form. They are made from raw forms called ores. We will discuss how metals are [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Basic Technology – JSS3}: Simple Metal Work

JSS 3 SECOND TERM BASIC TECH WEEK 4 Topic: PRINCIPLES OF MEASUREMENT AND MEASURING Design in Metalwork The projects in metalwork involve construction and application of shaped figures on thin gauges of sheet metal. Attempt is made here to give guideline to enable each student to produce a useful item. The main basic operations in [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Basic Technology – JSS1}: Drawing Instruments and Materials

Basic Tech, JSS 1  Week: 3 Topic: Drawing Instruments and Materials Technical Drawing Technical drawing is a universal language used for communication among technical people. These are engineers, technicians, designers, builders, etc. It is a language expressed in terms of graphic illustrations which convey the idea of shape, size and other features of engineering components [...]

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