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If One Screams High Enough, Will One Really Shatter Glass? Science Explains It All

Have you ever heard someone say about a particular singer "She's got a voice that can break glass"? Or that if you scream in a high-pitched voice long enough in front of a mirror, it will crack? According an explanation by BBC Future, this is actually possible because of a phenomenon known as resonance. When sound [...]

Don’t Read Food Labels? You Could Be Eating More Sugar Than You Know!

Most of us are aware that sweet stuff should be eaten in moderation. According to BBCiWonder, some food and drinks contain a surprising amount of sugar, which means you could be consuming far much more than you should. Why is Sugar Included in Food? Brown and wholemeal loaves of bread can contain as much sugar as [...]

Pi: A Very Important Number With Its Own Very Special Day

If you are a student of Mathematics, you would have heard of this famous number, pi, or represented by the Greek symbol, π. You also know that it simply describes how the circumference of a circle varies with its diameter, and that it is the ratio of the two. It is roughly 3.14, but not [...]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Laughter

Laughter is incredibly funny, and according to a BBC Health article, there are at least 10 things you didn't know about laughter. Check them below. 1. Rats are ticklish too! Want to see a rat laugh? Then tickle it. Rats laugh, chimps laugh, and so do dogs. But rats aren't laughing at jokes. They laugh [...]

Yacine Brahimi Beats Vincent Enyeama To Win BBC African Player Of The Year Award

Algeria’s Yacine Brahimi has been voted the BBC African Footballer of the Year 2014 ahead of Super Eagles captain Vincent Enyeama. The 24-year-old midfielder becomes the first Algerian to win the award, which is decided by football fans. Brahimi told BBC Sport, “It’s a big honour for me to receive this wonderful trophy. I owe [...]

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Chibok schoolgirls in good condition, says Boko Haram spiritual leader

A man claiming to be a “Boko Haram’s spiritual teacher” has told the BBC World Service radio that the hundreds of girls abducted in Chibok on April 15 are “feeding very well” and in “good state of health.” The man, who had his voice disguised in the interview, also said that although most of the [...]

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