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Body Odour


Home Economics JSS1 Week 5 Topic: PUBERTY, PERSONAL HYGIENE AND ADOLESCENCE Contents:  What is Puberty? Menstruation Body Odour Special Needs and Challenges of Adolescents INTRODUCTION At about ten to fourteen years of age, different changes take place in the body of both boys and girls. These changes are signs of puberty. A. WHAT IS PUBERTY? Puberty is [...]

How Well Do You Know Your Body’s GOOD BACTERIA? Get to Know Them Here

According to BBCiWonder, your body has more micro-organism cells – such as bacteria, archaea, fungi and viruses – than human cells! Some estimates suggest it may be as much as 10 to one, others are more conservative.  These organisms make up what’s called your microbiome, and the vast majority of these microbes are bacteria – [...]

Useful Tips For Eliminating Body Odour

(By Obianuju Okafor) I just could not help but talk about this because I realised there has been an increase lately in the number of persons found guilty of this, although the guys are most guilty. It is mind blowing and unimaginable when persons are unable to perceive an unpleasant smell emanating from their body. [...]

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BODY ODOUR: How to get Rid of that embarrassing smell

Do you always reek after a workout session or game? You may wonder why you didn't experience these embarrassing smell until puberty, you're about to find out. Body Odour is mainly caused by skin glands secretions and bacterial activity. Body odour is considered an unpleasant odour among many human cultures. Most people battling with the problem of [...]