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Why Do Books Smell? Bet You Don’t Know The Answer

Physical book vs. e-book. Both have their pluses and minuses, and while many readers are moving to e-books for the ease and convenience of not having to lug around a bunch of physical books, those piles of paper pages really still have a following. In fact, 65% of people who say they prefer physical books [...]

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Why Do You Change Your Name on Facebook? See Some People’s Reasons

Recently, the social media site came under heavy criticism for insisting that users use only their real names, under its "real name" policy. The BBC reported that the site refused to allow people change their names and insisted people not use fake names, unless in the most "unusual circumstances". A policy that has been amended though. Last [...]

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Who Did 2Face Idibia Recently Reveal is His BFF?

Of course, even popular artistes have BFFs too. I am guessing you cannot wait to find out who this is in the body of the text. While responding to questions during the official presentation of his biography, A Very Good Bad Guy, the multiple award winning singer made revelations about his relationship with Sound Sultan [...]