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Do Your Body Much Good With These Vitamin-Rich Foods

In order to keep our bodies working at their best, we need to provide them with the vitamins that they need. But it's very easy to neglect taking fruits and vegetables, which are packed with the important vitamins and nutrients we need to function. If you can maintain a healthy diet, you can get most [...]

3 Important Life Lessons You Can Learn From the Story Of a World Famous Chocolate Spread

Have you ever used Nutella spread for your bread, toast, or if you are like me - just eaten it right out of the jar!? Of course, it's heavenly in a yummy, my-taste-buds-are-doing-somersaults kind of way, but I bet you didn't know the hurdles and adversities that manufacturers of this feel-good product had to overcome [...]

7 Weird But True Facts About Chocolate

Chocolate is amazing and actually isn’t bad for you, unless you’re eating, like, the entire Nestle factory or something. So here are 7 weird but true and awesome facts about chocolate! Chocolate Was Used As Money In Mayan history, cacao beans were used as currency. The beans were literally coins and were even counterfeited! And [...]

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Why Girls Are So Obsessed With Chocolate

Did you know that about 90% of girls around the world are fond of chocolate? Are you one of them! Most girls simply love to binge on chocolates-creamy, milky, dark, bitter, nutty, and fruity. But do you know why? For years, academics have tried to discover exactly what makes it so irresistible - speculating that [...]

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