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SS2 BiologyThird Term: Grassland Or Savanna Habitats

Introduction A grassland or savanna is a plant community in which grass species are dominant with short but scattered trees and shrubs. The grassland or savanna lies between the forest and the deserts or arid land. Types of Grasslands There are two major types of grasslands. These are the tropical grassland (savanna) and the temperate [...]

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SS2 Mathematics Third Term: Cumulative Frequency Graph

Cumulative Frequency Graphs: What is it? Cumulative frequency is the running total of the frequencies. On a graph, it can be represented by a cumulative frequency polygon, where straight lines join up the points, or a cumulative frequency curve. Example Frequency: Cumulative Frequency: 4 4 6 10 (4 + 6) 3 13 (4 + 6 [...]

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JSS1 Basic Science Third Term: Renewable Energy And Non-Renewable Energy

Introduction There is a new issue becoming popular in the society nowadays and that is whether the energy we are using can be easily replenished by nature or not. This issue has made people to be conscious of what they do with available energy supply. The consciousness arises from imagining what the world would be [...]

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JSS1 Computer Science Third Term: Screen Pointing Devices

Introduction A pointing device can be define as any hardware component that allows the user to input spatial data into the computer using physical gesture such as point click and drag. Types Of Pointing Devices There are several pointing devices which are Mouse: Mouse is an input device that is used for controlling the cursor [...]

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JSS1 Physical Health Education Third Term: Javelin Throw For Women at Olympics

Javelin Throw for Women at Olympics Javelin throw is a field athletics event contested at international competitions. Javelin is a spear-like object made from fiber glass or metal. In the event, a javelin is thrown from a specified point on the competition ground to a distance. In the ancient days, javelin was used as a [...]

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JSS1 Home Economics Third Term: Sexually Transmitted Diseases

SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Venereal Diseases are  illnesses spread from one person to another through sexual contact. TYPES OF SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES 1. Gonorrhea – Is caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhea. Symptoms includes Itching and discharge from penis and vagina Painful urination Can cause Infertility If a pregnant woman has the disease, her child eyes will [...]

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JSS1 Mathematics Third Term: Three Dimensional Shapes

Three-dimensional Shapes Nearly everything that we can see and touch takes up space. These things are either gases, liquids or solids. You will study some of the properties of liquids and gases in science. Most solids, or three-dimensional shapes, such as stones and trees, have rough and irregular shape. This usually occurs in nature. However, some three-dimensional shapes, such as [...]

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JSS1 Social Studies Third Term: Educational Institutions

Introduction An Institution is a  society or organization founded for a religious, educational, social, or similar purpose. It can also be described as an established law, practice, or custom. Educational Institution is the organization established for the purpose of learning. It is the institution arranged for the purpose of passing knowledge and to build characters and moral [...]

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JSS2 Social Studies Third Term: Storage

Definition of Storage Storage can be defined as the means of storing things for future use. It is  act of putting something that is not being used in a place where it is available, where it can be kept safely, etc. : the act of storing something Things we store Things we store are: Perishable [...]

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JSS2 Agricultural Science Third Term: Husbandry of Selected Crops (Maize)

Introduction Crop Husbandry simply means careful management of the establishment, growth and harvesting of crops Cereals  – Maize;Botanical Name: Zea mays Land Preparation  Clearing of land Stumping should be done Land should be harrowed Ridges can also be prepared Propagation It is propagated by seed May be planted manually May be planted mechanically  Climatic requirement: [...]

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