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Computer programming

Desire a Bright and Successful Future? These FREE Computer Coding Classes May Be the Start You Need

If you are curious about computer systems and would like to know how they do what they do, then you are in much luck as there's now a way to do that and still combine it with school! How exactly? Co-Creation Hub (CcHub) is offering a range of after-school programmes, specially designed for those between 5 [...]

Google reveals it is developing a computer so smart it can program ITSELF

Google's secretive artificial intelligence researchers have revealed a computer that they hope will one day be able to program itself. Developers at Google's secretive DeepMind start-up, which it bought for $400 million earlier this year, are attempting to mimic some of the properties of the human brain's short-term working memory. By combining the way ordinary [...]

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Why Every Teen Needs to Learn How to Code

I’ve recently been on this self reflecting mode about the future of our education system for some time now and believe that coding is going to be a huge part of our students’ lives. I say this because, more than ever, the internet and technology has been a huge part of how we learn, gather [...]

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