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Shine Your Eyes! Don’t Fall For These Cheap Tricks By Scam Artists

If you receive a call from someone that you have won a big prize and should claim it by doing so-and-so, just hang up or delete the text message knowing you have avoided one of the most popular scams used by fraudsters, especially as approaching year-end festivities make people ever more desperate!  The scams can [...]

4 Key Features That Separate Successful Entrepreneurs From the Rest

It's one thing to be an entrepreneur, and yet another thing to be a successful one. What separates both of them is simply a combination of key features which when applied consistently and creatively goes a long way in determining the difference between success and failure. Let's take a long, hard look at these: 1. [...]

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Classwork Series and Exercises {Business Studies – JSS1}: Consumer, Market and Society

Business Studies, JSS 1 Week 8 Topic: Consumer, Market and Society Contents: Meaning of a consumer Meaning of a customer Meaning of market Meaning of Society Need for Consumer Education Importance of consumer Education Consequences of lack of Consumer Education Who Is A Consumer? A consumer is a person or group of people who buys [...]