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Improve Your Social Skills: How To Have Great Conversation With Anyone

Quality conversations are often satisfying and sometimes emotionally painful, depending on the topic being addressed. The characteristics that make a conversation worthwhile include honesty and respect. It is critical that everyone involved is attentive, engaged and invested. Otherwise, the communication will be ineffective and can lead to misinterpretations and hurt feelings, according to psychologist Clifford [...]

Is It Proper To Talk To My Teachers About Personal Stuff?

At times you may want to talk about general stressful things that are going on in your life, especially with someone outside your family. Talking to a counsellor would have been just nice, only that some schools  do not have this provision. Would it then be proper to talk to teachers you really like and [...]

In Life And As an Entrepreneur, These 10 Words Are the Keys That Open Doors

According to an article by Jayson Demers on entrepreneur.com, what we get either in the form of cooperation or assistance from others depend to a large degree on how we present our arguments and requests. Whether in life or business, these 10 words may well be the difference between assent and decline. Consider for yourselves. 1. [...]

4 Easy Ways to Know When Someone is Lying

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel you are not being told the whole truth, but there was no way to find things out exactly? Well, there's help for you now, and with these simple tips, you can gently - but surely - coax the truth out of a liar's mouth (without [...]

How To Make Really Good Friends And Keep Them Too

Show me someone who doesn't want a friend, and I will show you a flying horse! We all need friends - really good ones too - because they make our lives fuller, and more fun. Just think for a moment; would you rather play a game alone, or walk home from school by yourself? Or [...]