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At first I felt him staring at me in the dark and later  I saw him in brief flashes, eyeballing me as I would walk along the streets. And then he was everywhere- at the supermarket and the library, always staring at me viciously and  seemingly vanishing into thin air whenever I tried  approaching him. [...]

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Building Good Internet Search Skills: What Students Need to Know

25 There is a new digital divide on the horizon. It is not based around who has devices and who does not, but instead the new digital divide will be based around students who know how to effectively find accurate information and those who do not.  Helene Blowers has come up with seven ideas about [...]

Polite Way To Receive Or Make Phone Calls

Every time you make or receive a telephone call, you're making a lasting impression, so make sure your tone of voice and your manner of speaking are pleasing and acceptable. Rules To Follow When Answering the Phone for Another Person • If you're answering someone Else's phone, give that person's name first, then yours: "Rise [...]

How To Reduce Eyestrain When Reading On Screen

Reading online or on screen is said to be more strenuous to our eyes especially if we are reading long texts and the glare on the screen is very visible. But there are some tips on that you can do to lessen eyestrain when reading using the computer. What You Can Do The easiest one [...]

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Recharge Your Brain By Laughing

Have you ever heard that “laughter is the best medicine”? This is true because even researchers said that laughing is good for our health. Laughing is scientifically proven to release endorphins and other positively powerful chemicals into our system. And by simply laughing, you are already doing yourself a favor by recharging your brain. And [...]

7 Ways to Deal With Anything Until It Gets Better

Whenever you are dealing with something, particularly depression or bullying, people are constantly telling you to "just hold on" -- and you do (sometimes by your fingertips.) They say, "It gets better!" but when? Unfortunately, it does take a while: Two weeks, two months, two years. Yes, it gets better but the problems still remain [...]

Why I Really Need To Be Assertive As A Teenager.

Many adults wonder when they see traces of assertiveness in their young girls and boys, they interpret their  assertiveness as being rude or a sign of disrespect, Hell No! It is not so. Assertiveness means standing up for your personal rights, ability to express thoughts, feelings and beliefs in honest and appropriate ways. Assertiveness is [...]

10 Intelligence Killing Foods You Need To Avoid

When it comes to nutrition, it must be mentioned that there are all sorts of foods: some super-foods are your greatest allies against extra pounds, while others stimulate your cognitive function and improve your memory. On the other hand, some foods are known to have a devastating effect on your brain functioning, and nutritionists advise [...]

Take Time To Play To Revitalize Your Mind

Studying is sometimes stressful. If we have a hard time understanding a concept or a theory, our mind becomes stressed and pushing yourself too hard is actually no good for the brain. Take a break and revitalize yourself and your mind. Revitalizing your mind is important because it helps the brain to function more efficiently. [...]

Helpful Tips For Students Who Hate Writing

Writing a story, thesis or even an ordinary essay is probably the most hated work by many students, to them writing is a whole lot of stress, It is not about knowing what to write about but about the means and ways of putting it down, The Use of Grammar, the sentences, etc are some [...]

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