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How To Encourage Creativity In Teenagers

Toddlers have a way with creativity! Indeed, they find it easy and natural to think outside the box. This means that little children find it easy to imagine new things; almost as easy as it is to breathe in air through the nostrils. But then this ability to be creative becomes increasingly problematic overtime, especially [...]

3 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Make Things Happen In Your Life

People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing, that's why we recommend it daily This is one of the most famous quotes by Zig Ziglar about motivation, and emphasises its importance in personal life, in the workplace, and as an entrepreneur. See three instances through which motivation can be applied for better [...]

The Creative Date Request That Was Scored 10/10

A student who asked a girl out on a date via a handwritten note in the style of a WhatsApp message has spoken of his surprise after it went viral. Alfonso, a student at Southampton, made the offer to Naomi Lucking in the university library. She turned down his request for a coffee, but his [...]