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See This Teenager’s Invention. She Believes You Can Too!

Olivia Hallisey Olivia Hallisey is a teenager from the United States who just won about ₦10,000,000  in scholarship funds at the 2015 Google Science Fair for her innovation that detects Ebola. Olivia's detection test costs just about ₦5,000 and can be stored and transported without refrigeration. It can determine if a person is [...]

Ebola Outbreak: After Six Months, Schools in Liberia Reopen

Many schools in Liberia have reopened, six months after they were closed to try to curb the spread of Ebola. Pupils welcomed the move, but some raised fears that the deadly disease had not yet been totally eradicated. Staff at school gates were equipped with thermometers to take pupils' temperatures and buckets of chlorinated water [...]

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Ebola Fears: Police, fans clash at Africa Cup of Nations

Police and fans clashed during Zambia’s 1-1 draw with DR Congo after Ebola screening delayed entry to the ground in Ebebiyin. There were also clashes during Ivory Coast’s draw with Guinea and Mali’s tie against Cameroon on Tuesday in Malabo. Despite the wait to enter stadiums, Equatorial Guinea Football Federation president Andres Jorge Mbombio claims [...]

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Facebook creates donations button to help fight Ebola

The button, which will appear at the top of user news feeds, will enable an easy donation to groups such as International Medical Corps, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and Save the Children. “In times of crisis, people turn to Facebook to learn about what’s happening, share their experiences and [...]

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Meet The Awesome Teens Taking Down Ebola

Some unconventional activists are taking on Ebola in West Point, Liberia -- and they're not medical professionals, aspiring doctors or government officials. They're teens. The young activists are members of A-LIFE: Adolescents Leading an Intense Fight Against Ebola, and they're basically the most kick-ass teenagers in the whole world, as reported by The Daily Beast. [...]

Shocking: Two Senegalese Boys Got Beat Up And Called “Ebola” In US School

Two African brothers who recently moved to the United States were attacked in school on Friday, NBC New York reports. The boys, who are in sixth and eighth grade, were hospitalized after being severely injured by people who called them "Ebola," according to the African Advisory Council, a group that advocates for Africans in the [...]

Ebola? No! Study reveals what Nigerians fear most

In a massive survey of thousands of people, the Pew Research Centre recently uncovered what people across the world fear as the biggest global threat. The results were far from unanimous, Huffington Post reports. The survey gave participants five possible options: Religious and ethnic hatred, inequality, Aids and other diseases, nuclear weapons and pollution. While [...]

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It’s Official! WHO declares Nigeria Ebola free

We reported earlier that The World Health Organisation (WHO) would declare Nigeria free of Ebola Virus Today. Well, it's happened! The World Health Organisation moments ago (Monday) declared Nigeria officially Ebola-free, after 42 days — or two incubation periods — without any new confirmed cases of the deadly virus. “The virus is gone for now. [...]

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World Health Organisation (WHO) to declare Nigeria Ebola-free today!

The World Health Organisation is preparing to announce that Nigeria has not had a confirmed case of Ebola for 42 days – or two incubation periods of 21 days – just as it did for Senegal on Friday. WHO on Friday declared Senegal free of Ebola after 42 days passed without a new confirmed case. [...]

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Trending Funny Ebola Virus Photos

Approximately .0001 percent of the world’s population is currently diagnosed with Ebola, and even though the numbers don’t exactly support the narrative of a worldwide epidemic, that hasn’t stopped people from responding with irrational fear, paranoia and a dash of xenophobia, and of course, some very funny photos. See some below: Click here for all [...]

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