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Teens! Get To Know The Different Sources/Means To Electricity Generation

We are all familiar with electricity and its numerous benefits. I mean…how could we not! We make use of it for basic stuff like lighting our homes, charging our phones and cooking. The deep freezers in our kitchens need electricity to keep the food supplies preserved just as electricity is required if we must watch [...]

Why Do We Pay More For Electricity Even Though We Now Use Less Than We Used To?

You may have noticed that your household pays more for electricity than you did few years ago. Though, more households - including yours - may have replaced halogen bulbs with energy-saving bulbs, yet you still have to pay more in electricity bill. What exactly are the reasons? Below is the breakdown of energy use for [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Physics – SS1}: Electricity Concept

Physics, SS 2 Week 1 Topic: Electricity Concept Electric Current An electric charge can be at rest or in motion. We speak of static electricity when the charge is at rest, but when the charge is in motion, it is referred to as current electricity. Electric current, I, is defined as the rate of flow [...]

Want To Be Treated Like An Adult? Read What This Mom Wrote To Her 13 Year Old Son

Want To Be Treated Like An Adult? All young persons want to grow up fast. You do not want to be told what to do, and you want to make all of your own decisions. That is fine, it is the hallmark of adulthood. But to get that sort of liberty, some things [...]

Emergency Treatment (First Aid) – Tips To Help A Victim Of Electric Shock

Emergency treatment  is the help given to any individual enduring a sudden ailment or harm, with care provided to protect  and preserve life, keep the condition from declining, and/or advance recuperation. Electric Shock is the physiological response or harm brought about by electric current going through the (human) body. The danger from an electrical shock [...]

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