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The Different Types of Friends you may have…

There are many characters in every close-knit group of friends. There are the funny ones, the annoying ones, the compassionate ones and the touché ones. There are also the religious ones, the loutish ones, the serious ones and the lucky go lucky ones. Indeed there are typically several characters, which make me wonder which one [...]

15 Entrepreneurs Share Their Opinions on Work Ethic and Passion

In continuation of our series on entrepreneurship, we will be looking at what these ones have to say on work and passion. They are successful not only in terms of wealth, but also how they enrich the world through their businesses - contributing their fair share to the advancement of mankind. Some you know, and [...]

See Why a Burning Desire is the Starting Point of Any Achievement

“There was a young boy who used to come for regular practice but always played in the reserves and never made it to the soccer eleven. While he was practicing, his father used to sit at the far end, waiting for him. The matches had started and for four days, he didn't show up for [...]

Teens: Learn to Read Effectively (2)

Flexibility increases the readers’ potential to vary his speed of reading to meet either his purpose in reading or to fit the difficulty in reading material. The following reading rates are quite relevant to our discussion.  Skimming rate: This is extremely fast reading. This involves a quick survey of a passage or text, either to [...]

Wait! Is Your Business Idea Really Worth It? Let These 3 Points Guide You

Be your own boss. Entrepreneurship. Be a CEO, not an employee are some of the words thrown around today. But then you may wonder if your business idea is worthy enough to battle competitors - whether direct or indirect - successfully and prevail. Quiet your fears, these three guides will help you see more clearly.  1. [...]

Remarkable People, Places and Events – Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg  is an American programmer, Internet entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is the chairman, chief executive, and co-founder of the social networking website Facebook. His net worth is estimated to be US$51.2 billion, as of June 2016. Together with his college roommates and fellow Harvard University students Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and [...]

The Real Reason You Cannot Concentrate, and How to Fix It

Do you often find yourself flitting between different activities like a butterfly sampling the nectar of several flowers? One minute you are completely immersed in an assignment, the next you are messaging your friends in a group chat, and catching up on celebrity news while watching videos of Messi's Top 100 goals. The end result [...]


On Tuesday, June 14, Oracle - a leading business software maker - donated ₦597 million to an earlier ₦40 billion support fund targeted at empowering and engaging girls and women worldwide into studying Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics or STEM. While the first installation was to encourage young people around the world to study STEM, this [...]

Heard of the Latest Social Media App Yet? It’s Called PEACH

According to teen fashion website, teenvogue.com, Peach is a hybrid of Twitter and Snapchat. Like Snapchat, it’s only available as an app — there’s no web interface — and you are connected only to your friends, not your followers. And like Twitter, the app lets you write short posts too. But Peach goes a step [...]

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