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Features of Clifford’s Constitution

Features Of Clifford Constitution Of 1922

Sir Hugh Clifford was appointed Governor of Nigeria after Lord Fredrick Lugard. In 1922, Sir Clifford introduced the first formal constitution for the country. The main features of the constitution were: Introduction of the first elective principle in Nigeria and in West Africa. Similar elective principle was introduced in Gold Coast (Ghana) in 1925 and [...]

Merits And Demerits Of Clifford Constitution Of 1922

Merits Of 1922 Clifford Constitution Introduction of First elective principle The introduction of a single legislative council for the colony Lagos and the protectorate of Southern Nigeria. Laying the foundation for the introduction of the first political party in Nigeria 1923 Demerits of 1922 Clifford Constitution One glaring or major defects of the 1922 Clifford's [...]