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7 Ways to Deal With Anything Until It Gets Better

Whenever you are dealing with something, particularly depression or bullying, people are constantly telling you to "just hold on" -- and you do (sometimes by your fingertips.) They say, "It gets better!" but when? Unfortunately, it does take a while: Two weeks, two months, two years. Yes, it gets better but the problems still remain [...]

Why I Really Need To Be Assertive As A Teenager.

Many adults wonder when they see traces of assertiveness in their young girls and boys, they interpret their  assertiveness as being rude or a sign of disrespect, Hell No! It is not so. Assertiveness means standing up for your personal rights, ability to express thoughts, feelings and beliefs in honest and appropriate ways. Assertiveness is [...]

For Teens: How to Convince Your ‘Strict’ Parents to Give You More ‘Freedom’

Teens generally yearn to gain freedom from their parents, but how can you earn it legitimately? Here are a few suggestions: 1. Speak the truth For you to get more freedom from your parents you will have to earn their trust. This can only be achieved if they perceive you to be a truthful person. [...]

Six Ways To Help Improve Brain Function

  Have you ever gone into the kitchen and can’t remember why? Or you can’t remember someone’s name while speaking to them? You may have missed an appointment because it slipped your mind. These kinds of memory lapses can happen at any age, but we tend to get more upset by them as we get [...]

How Social Media is Affecting Young Girls

In today's evolving society, there is no denying that pop culture, media and entertainment has a significant influence on us. It is everywhere we go. When we turn on the television, some company is marketing a new brand of clothing that is "the next best thing." In magazines geared towards teen readers, nearly every other [...]

Girl Talk! How To Avoid Irresponsible Guys

You are a beautiful teenager, different kind of guys come your way to woo you, they want to be your friends because you are beautiful and attractive, but you know you should not relate with every kind of guy that comes your way. Here are some tips to avoid irresponsible guys. 1. You attract who you [...]

How to Handle Stress

The word ‘STRESS’ is most times used with little understanding of its meaning. How well you handle a thing is determined by how well you understand it. So what is stress? Stress can be psychological; a mental or emotional strain. It can also be physical; a force that produces strain on the physical body. Stress [...]

6 Negative Thoughts About Yourself You Should Avoid

You should never think negative thoughts about yourself. It’s fine to pinpoint your flaws in hopes of fixing them, but never dwell on your weak points. It’s unhealthy and will put you in the wrong frame of mind. In order to be happier, avoid thinking negative thoughts about yourself. 1. I’M NOT ENOUGH Fill in [...]

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