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finite verbs

FINITE VERBS: How to Identify and Use them Accurately

In English grammar, a finite verb is a form of a verb that:  shows agreement with a subject and  is marked for tense. If there is just one verb in a sentence, it is finite. (Put another way, a finite verb can stand by itself in a sentence.) Finite verbs are sometimes called tensed verbs. A finite clause [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {English Language – JSS1} Part of Speech : Verb and Diphthong (Phonemes)

English Language JSS 1 Week 5 Contents: Phonemes II : Diphthong Part of Speech : Verb Diphthong A diphthong is a  combination of two vowel sounds, one after the other. There is movement or "glide" between the two parts of the sound. For example, to say the /eɪ/ diphthong, like in the word "cake" (/keɪk/) [...]