How Are You Using These English Words, ENVELOP and ENVELOPE?

How are you using and pronouncing these words? Do you think they mean the same thing, or that one is British and the other American? Hold your answers just yet, as this article seeks to envelop you in the right answers. First with the.... Definition  Envelop is a verb meaning cover, enclose, or wrap up (something). Envelope is [...]

Reach For the Stars! Enter the 2016 DStv Eutelsat Star Awards

1. INTRODUCTION Satellites have changed our perception of the Earth, helping us to realise that it is small, fragile, and unique in the immensity of space, and as such must be preserved. Satellites help us to learn more about our planet and to improve how we use its limited resources. They also revolutionise the way [...]

Amazing Country Facts (Mauritius)

Quick Facts Location:Indian Ocean island, 2,000km off the southeast coast of the African continent. Land Area: 2,040 km² Capital City: St. Louis, which is also the largest city Population: 1,216,208 (2014 estimate) Languages: English, French, Mauritian Creole Below are some pictures of Mauritius St Louis - Capital City of Mauritius Recreation Sports [...]

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