Don’t Just Study Harder, Study Smarter! Consider 4 Ways of Doing This

How many times have you been told by parents, advisers, and teachers alike to study harder? But what does it even mean to study hard? Do you have to study until your head hurts? It sure sounds like it! The whole idea of studying harder suggests that you are really not putting in your best [...]

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4 Ways to Turn Your Grades Around For the Better this New Term

How did last term go? Perhaps you performed poorly on tests, failed to get assignments in on time or had too many absences. All of that can lead to low grades and a not-so-good result. Before you beat yourself up, remember this: We all make mistakes. What’s more, even if last term didn’t go as [...]

Do Pretty Girls Get Better Grades in School?

Do pretty girls really get better grades in school? In real life, the classroom is the last place where you would expect appearance to matter. A fashion runway, maybe, but you would like to think that your teachers see past how individuals look when they grade your papers. Apparently, they don’t! Well, according to a [...]

How To Tell Your Parents That Your Grades Are Not What They Expected

Examinations are long gone. While some of you are yet to receive your results, some of you have. Do you fear showing it to your parents, especially if you did not do really well? For those of you who have parents that pressure them to get perfect grades. How can you explain your result to [...]

Hello parents, don’t give your teens cash as incentives to pass exams – ‘it doesn’t work’

Offering teenagers cash to do well in their exams is likely to have little impact on their results, according to research. While parents may use financial incentives to motivate their children to get good grades, a new study suggests doing so may well be pointless. But the promise of a trip or outing in return [...]

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