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How To ALWAYS Remember Anything

If you want to remember something, it will help to say it out loud to yourself or a friend, a study has found. While people who talk to themselves may get funny looks, their memories may be better than people who think in silence. The findings could potentially help everyone from pupils revising for exams [...]

Explained; Why Some People Are More Likely To Be Bad At Spelling

When we learn how to write, our brain does not learn the individual lettering of words - instead it is tuned to remember how the word appears as a whole. That's the finding of a new study that has shown how neurons respond differently to real words compared to so-called 'nonsense' words. During tests, brain [...]

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How To Fight The Pre-Exam Slump

Pre-exam slump? Check out this article, It says that students tend to create study plans every day; but the problem is that study plans became futile when the urge to slouch takes over. So instead of making it a daily basis routine, create a project method to plan your exam and plot your work in [...]