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Human brain

Teens! Get To Know Parts Of The Brain And Its Functions

If you are a constant reader of this blog posts, you would have noticed that we talk a lot about the brain. Well there is a reason for that- the brain is probably the most important organ in the human body! Perhaps I should ask- how well do you know the brain; really? Do you [...]

Teens! Here Are Things To Note About Your Brain Development

As it was mentioned sometime ago when a similar post was published on here, the teenage brain is not yet fully developed until one is in [their] mid twenties. This full development of the brain usually always occurs a little earlier in girls than boys. This is a development that was seldom known almost Neurologists [...]

Three Ways Teenagers Can Maintain Their Brains’ Health

The brain is such an important part of the body because it performs so many vital functions necessary for wellbeing. It is the Centre of  the Human Nervous System, serving to coordinate movement, the senses, learning and more. The importance of the brain [as far as humans’ overall wellness is concerned] can never be undermined. [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Biology – S3}: Nervous Co-ordination

Week: 5 Topic: Nervous Co-ordination Introduction The behavior of an animal in its environment to maintain itself depends on the coordination of its organ systems. Without co-ordination of various organ systems, various physiological processes would work in a haphazard way, without linking together activities. The linking together in time and space of various activities of [...]