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Civic Education: Human Rights & Its Sources

Human rights are basic rights and privileges of citizens in a country as enshrined in the constitution. They are rights and freedoms in which every human being is entitled to irrespective of colour, language, race, age, sex, or geographical location. These rights and privileges were declared in 1789. Fundamental Human Rights They are written in [...]

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Did You Know That You Share a Lot in Common with Pigs?

Does it surprise you to read that pigs and humans share certain physiological and anatomical similarities when it comes to certain organs such as skin, the brain and also the heart? While pigs are most certainly not humans, as such, there are many differences between the two. Yet, among all animals, it is the anatomy [...]

What Exactly Does Breast Milk Produced By Humans And Other Mammals Contain?

All mammals are capable of producing milk; such animals like platypuses, kangaroos, rabbits, tigers, hippos, monkeys, dolphins, whales and the rest. But because different species have different needs and live in different environments, it turns out their milks are very different as well; though the ingredients are similar, it is in proportion that they are [...]