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Classwork Exercise and Series (Chemistry-SS 1): Particulate Nature Of Matter

Definition Of Matter Matter is defined as anything that occupies space and has mass. The particles of matter could be atoms, molecules or ions. Atoms The ancient Greeks were the first to use the word atom, which means indivisible. An atom is defined as the smallest particle of an element which can take part in [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Chemistry – SS2}: Preferential Discharge of Ions during Electrolysis

Chemistry SS 3 Week: 7 Topic: Preferential Discharge of Ions during Electrolysis There are certain factors that affect the discharge of electrons at electrodes. Factors Affecting the Preferential Discharge of Ions in Electrolysis The position of ion in electrochemical series. The concentration of ion. The nature of electrode. Relationship between position of ions in the [...]

Science Corner: Does Adding Salt To Water Really Lower Its Boiling Point?

You may have heard this and wondered if it was true. Here is a look at the science behind salt and boiling water. It is not a scientific fact that adding salt to water lowers its boiling point. Actually, the opposite is true. Adding salt to water results in a phenomenon called boiling point elevation. The boiling [...]