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Isaac Newton

Amazing Traits of People Born in December

This is the last month of the year, even if you're not born in December aren't you eager to know the truth about people born in December? Perhaps, they have some special traits because December is kinda special? Let's find out! People born in December are Are fiercely independent Are very passionate, and thus relationships [...]

5 Reasons Why Reading Biographies Will Contribute To Your Success

In the words of Mark Twain: The man who does not read good books is no better than the man who can’t So, here are five reasons why choosing to read a biography will be a choice that will benefit you in many ways. 1. They allow you to stand on the shoulders of giants [...]

Remarkable People, Places & Events – Isaac Newton

How true is the popular apple story that led to the law of gravitational force? The popular laws of motion, our favorite being the 3rd law which we use to explain away our hostile action of revenge. You also didn't know that the Calculus you battle with in mathematics was designed by this great mind. [...]

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Did a Falling Apple Really Change Our Understanding of the World?

It is often said that a young Isaac Newton was sitting under an apple tree when he got hit on the head by a falling piece of fruit, which prompted him to suddenly come up with his law of gravity, so goes the legend. In reality, things didn’t go down quite like that. Newton, the [...]

PHILOSOPHER’S STONE: That Which Was Thought to Give Life, and Turn Metals to Gold

If you are an Harry Potter fan, you must have read the book or watched the movie that made reference to this stone. But what is the Philosopher's Stone, and what were the prevailing thoughts about it? The so-called philosopher’s stone was the most sought-after goal in the world of alchemy, the branch of Science [...]