Features of A Highly Effective Learning Environment

Wherever we are, we’d all like to think our classrooms are “intellectually active” places. Progressive learning (like our 21st Century Model, for example) environments. Highly-effective and conducive to student-centered learning. But what does that mean? The reality is, there is no single answer because teaching and learning are awkward to consider as single events or individual “things.” This [...]

‘Google brain’ implants could mean end of school as anyone will be able to learn anything instantly!

An expert believes that within the next 20 years, our heads will be boosted with special implants so 'you won’t need to memorize anything' “GOOGLE brain” implants could mean the end of school – as anyone will be able to learn anything instantly, says an artificial intelligence expert. Nikolas Kairinos, founder and CEO of Fountech.ai, [...]

6 Best Exam Preparation Tips

At a point in time, we all have to take one examination or the other, maybe even a test. Most times you find a method of preparing that is best for you and stick with it. These are just some practical tips that are sure to help you go about preparing well and hopefully passing [...]


Regret gets a bad press. It is a painful emotion experienced upon realizing that a different decision would have led to a better outcome. And it is something that we strive to avoid. In sharp contrast, our recent research on children’s decision making emphasizes that the ability to experience regret is a developmental achievement associated with learning to make [...]

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Developing Your Classroom Presence

Simple strategies for developing the strong relationships with students that encourage them to take risks and increase their learning. The quality of presence—a state of alert awareness, receptivity, and connectedness to the working of both the individuals and the group in the context of the learning environment—is unfortunately not often taught explicitly in teacher education programs. Teachers [...]

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SS2 Government Third Term: Local Government Administration In Nigeria

Introduction Local government may be defined as a government established through an Act at the local level to deal with specific matters as it affects them. It can also be defined as the sub-organ of the central government established to provide for the needs of the people at local level. Under the 1963 republican constitution, [...]

SS2 Physics Third Term: Lenses

Introduction The reflection and refraction we have dealt with so far have focused only on light interacting with flat surfaces. Lenses and curved mirrors are optical instruments designed to focus light in predictable ways. While light striking a curved surface is more complicated than the flat surfaces we have looked at already, the principle is [...]

SS2 CRK Third Term: King Josiah’s Religious Reforms

Introduction Josiah was eight years when he began to reign as king. He reigned for twenty one years in Jerusalem. He did what was good in the sight of God. He walked in the way of his grandfather, David. He showed much interest in the things of God. One of his first assignments was the [...]

SS2 Commerce Third Term: Capital (cont’d)

Importance of Working Capital It helps to determine the funds that will be available for running a business. It helps to know if the business is solvent or not i.e to know if the business have the ability to settle debt without selling fixed asset It serves as a check against holding down too much [...]

SS2 BiologyThird Term: Grassland Or Savanna Habitats

Introduction A grassland or savanna is a plant community in which grass species are dominant with short but scattered trees and shrubs. The grassland or savanna lies between the forest and the deserts or arid land. Types of Grasslands There are two major types of grasslands. These are the tropical grassland (savanna) and the temperate [...]

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