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As established in the first part of this post, one of the tasks and responsibilities of a teacher is to bring students to the same page that you are on to bridge the knowledge gap and make learning more fun and interesting to the learner. We are exploring different strategies simply because using the same [...]


We are ever engaged in a learning process all through our lifetime. Most times, this process goes on unconsciously or consciously. We pick up new disciplines and habits and drop some when we are exposed to a set of information and experiences. Change is the only constant phenomenon and the fact that we are always [...]


  The attitude being the makeup of every man impacts the daily outcome of our lives whether as an adult or a child. It is simply the viewpoint of an individual about a given situation and how one reacts to negativity. A student's attitude towards learning goes a long way in determining his/her academic accomplishments. [...]

WEEK FIVE:- {Grammar: Reported Requests and Composition: Argumentative essay on herbal and orthodox medicines}

    WEEK FIVE:- {Grammar: Reported Requests and Composition: Argumentative essay on herbal and orthodox medicines}   English Language JSS2 Second Term Week 5 OVERVIEW: Grammar Composition    GRAMMAR: REPORTED REQUESTS OBJECTIVES: By the end of this lesson, students should be able to: Define reported requests are Report requests, or use request in reported speech. [...]

Envisioning the Future of Education Technology 1

Education lies at a peculiar crossroad in society. On one hand, it has the responsibility of anticipating real-life skills by preparing us for an increasingly complex world – but education methodologies can only be formalized after practices have been defined. This dichotomy is particularly aggravated when it comes to technology, where fast-paced innovation and perpetual [...]

Facts of Science: Enough DNA in a person’s body to stretch from the Sun to Pluto ***CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE***

Did you know that there is enough DNA in the average person’s body to stretch from the sun to Pluto and back — 17 times? The human genome (the genetic code in each human cell) contains 23 DNA molecules (called chromosomes), each containing from 500,000 to 2.5 million nucleotide pairs. DNA molecules of this size [...]

Classroom Management Strategies For Teachers 1

Effective classroom management is necessary for all teachers and facilitators. Classroom management involves all aspects of what is going on in the classroom while a lesson is being taught. Not only does classroom management include how the teacher or facilitator delivers the curriculum, but also how the students interact with the teacher and with others [...]

5 Tips for a Winner’s Brain

Success is what every parent wants for their child, and according to two researchers, anyone is capable of achieving it. Researchers Jeff Brown and Mark J. Fenske say that contrary to popular assumption, people aren’t just born into lucky circumstances that create winners; anyone can train their brain to think like one.  Here are some [...]

Some Useful Speed Reading Techniques

With the alarmingly increasing availability of information to people nowadays, the need for speed reading is also on the rise. It is a collection of various techniques and methods that help in increasing your reading speed without actually reducing your retention and comprehension capabilities. This is becoming more and more popular among students and professionals [...]

Effective learning patterns for successful Students

Always keep one thing in mind – “Good Leaders are Good Readers”. To become a successful student, you must have a good study routine. Successful kids apply many good habits to all their classes. Read about some excellent study routine and try to develop the study pattern that you do not comprise.   Superior study [...]

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