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Love and dating

Ever Wondered what Goes on in Teens’ Minds when they are Infatuated?

Have you ever been infatuated? Of course you have. And if you can be really frank with yourself, you'd have noticed some of the weird things going on in your mind. Anyway just to remind you as well as inform those who don't know, read on below... That moment when you can't help but break [...]

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Things every Teen should know before they start dating

One simple truth is that every teenager will one day sooner or later start dating. And the dating game is such a strange terrain it would do a little good to equip them a few information to get ready. Trust me, it would be really difficult for any teenager to start dating while knowing virtually [...]

Ways To Keep Your Relationship Healthy

Many of us are in relationships and we really don't know what to do in order to keep our relationships thriving. Some of us are having difficulties and we don't know how to deal with them. At the end of the day, instead of trying to work out the differences in our relationships, we throw [...]

What Love Is Not !!!

What  Love Is Not  1. Love is not what You feel in an initial attraction There is something amazing that people feel in those early stages of attraction. We all have had those feelings … and they are addictive. Scientists and researchers know that there is truly a change in brain chemistry that produces the [...]

Love and Dating: Is It Okay For Me To Kiss And Smooch In My Relationship?

Kissing And Smooching Kissing is the act of expressing desire and passion for another. Kisses can be strong and passionate, very heated, backed by strong sexual desire. Smooching  to kiss, hold, and touch someone in a sexual way, to cuddle. Smooching is a lot more than kissing, it involves slow kisses and a lot of [...]

Is SEX The Same As LOVE? Find Out ……

Hi admin, I'm an 18yrs old girl dating a 20yr old guy. We love each other and I have made up my mind not to have sex with him. He has never asked for it but sometimes I think he feels like having sex because of the way he looks at other girls and this [...]

Can I Have Sex As A Teenager?

Hi Admin, I'm a 19yr old who is into relationship with this guy, he is about 22yrs old. I love him so much and he loves me too. Sometimes, he likes to touch me and I allow him but of late, I stopped and he suddenly changed. Though he loves me but he wants more than [...]

Girl Talk: Is He Pressuring You For SEX? 10 Reasons To Say NO!!!

True love waits. If a boy truly loves you, he will want the best for you. He will want to experience love with you only in the very best place of all - the love nest of marriage. Having sex is something that other people can try to pressure us into when we don't want to. “The pressure on teenagers to [...]

Can I Have A Serious Relationship As A Teenager?

Can I Have A Serious Relationship As A Teenager? Relationships for adults are hard enough. When we see our teens get involved, it opens up several cans of worry that, if not dealt with, can have adverse effects for all parties involved, including parents who are trying to do the right thing. At what age [...]

Why Sex Is Not Good For You As A Teenager

The Effects Of Teen Sex On Mind And Body Of A Teenager 1. Anxiety - When trust is broken towards the partner, the effects of anxiety can be dangerous. There is doubt, fear, tension, loss of appetite and could lead to depression and delinquent behaviour. Anxiety, stress and depression are the three evil moods that [...]

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