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5 Amazing Facts About the Flowering Plant, ASPILIA AFRICANA

Aspilia Africana is a genus of flowering plants in the daisy family. Aspilia Africana is native to the Africa, Madagascar, and Latin America. It is a common African weed found in fallow land, especially in the forest zone. The flowers of the Aspilia africana have showy yellow florets and the fruits are bristly and hairy. There are several uses [...]

Dodo, the Flightless Bird That Was Hunted By Man and Beast Into Extinction

"Its meat tasted like chicken" went one of the famous legends about the Dodo. "It looked like an ostrich, only with a larger beak" went another. How true are these claims, and what facts have paleontologists been able to piece together about this unfortunate bird whose existence lies only in the past? Dear Dodo The Dodo inhabited the island [...]