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Classroom Management Strategies For Teachers 2

Proactive classroom management strategies focus on implementing strategies emphasizing how students should behave in the classroom, the expectations in the classroom, and how to make the classroom as structured and predictable as possible to avoid disruptive behaviours. Class-wide strategies are implemented with all students within the class and address the needs of most students in [...]

Classwork Series {Commerce – SS3}: Introduction to Business Management

SS 3 Commerce First term Week 5 Topic: Introduction to Business Management Content - Meaning of Business Management  Business Resources Objectives of Business Management: Management is the process of getting things done through other people. It is the act of controlling, organizing, directing, planning and formulating organization activities so as to achieve organizational objective. Management is [...]

Learn To Make Profitable Use of Your Time

In your day-to-day activities, the things you do with your time can be categorized into, the important, the unimportant, the urgent and unurgent things. Whatever it is you are doing presently with your time can be categorised into any of these broad category and to this end, Stephen Covey promulgated four quadrants into which various [...]

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