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How This Bullied Teen Turned His Anger Into Being a Successful Entrepreneur

Have you been at the receiving end of cruel jokes, remarks, and beatings by bully schoolmates? Perhaps you feel there can be no way out of the daily torment, and for you, going to school can be compared to the feelings of an anxious soldier dispatched to the battle front. You may be sad, angry, [...]

Why You Need a Personal Vision To Guide You In Life and as an Entrepreneur

People throw this word around a lot; motivational speakers, life coaches, your parents, even your teachers. But beyond all the noise, and bias, what does it really mean? In explaining, this article will not go into all that lofty emptiness, but will clearly and simply describe what it means. Ready to launch? Let's go! Personal Vision [...]

Why Do People Tell Performers To “BREAK A LEG”?

Ever heard the term quoted above, and wondered why anyone would wish someone that? Well, far from the cruel wish that you think it is, the term actually means to do well or have a great show and is typically used before a stage performance, a show, or an audition. So, how did the term [...]

Teens, You Can Be Successful Entrepreneurs! Consider These 4 Things

If you are a teen with an idea that could blossom into a business, there’s no reason why you should wait until you are older. No matter what your age, the time is now. Here are four keys to entrepreneurial success that can help ensure a bright future for your ventures according to entrepreneur.com 1. Get [...]

13 Health Tips For Teens By World-Famous Dr Mehmet Oz

1. They don't have to be all at once. Make it a point to be active and get your body moving. Setting a tangible goal - like 10,000 steps a day - is a great way to start if you're not already active. 2. Find a friend who you're comfortable talking with about healthy habits. [...]