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#PNNE-Mentoring (Ifeanyi Okolo): 7 Ways to Choose and Display the Right Attitude

Attitude is very important in life, especially when it comes to influencing people around you. When you display positive attitude, people respond positively. Also, when your attitude is negative, people tend to respond negatively as well. But at times you might believe that your attitude is set. That is, your bad attitude cannot be changed. [...]

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#PNN E-MENTORING (Yoma Victor): Are You AWAKE?

A popular saying "when you wake up, that is when your morning breaks". Nothing in life could be more truer. It will be a fallacy of huge proportions to assume that everyone is awake just because they get up at 6am, dress up and step out for their daily activity. I do not intend to [...]

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Sex, Drug, Porn, Smoking…: How to deal with Teen peer pressure and addictions

(By Kayla Chanai) It feels so good to be back here with you again and I would love us to continue with our last discussion on dealing with peer pressure. It can be hard to go against the grain and resist social pressure but it’s very possible to do so. So how do you achieve [...]

#PNN E-Mentoring (Taiwo Akinlami): Personal Safety/Self Protection For Teenagers: Guidelines To Responses (2)

I say a very good morning dear young friends. How are you doing today? Sure you are making the best of your elongated long vacation. I charge you to make a commitment to read and develop yourself. Your mind is an asset too great to waste. Please invest in it. Today, as I promised last [...]

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Sex, Drug, Porn, Smoking…: How to deal with Teen peer pressure and addictions

(By Kayla Chanai) Today, we would be treating the subject of peer pressure and you may wonder who your peers are. Well, the people you see around you make up your “peer group.” They’re the people you see just about every day. They’re sympathetic to your situation. They understand the feelings of having to do [...]

Everyone Needs Counselling: Meet Passnownow E-Mentors! They’re Here To Help YOU!!

We understand the benefits of mentoring when we hear the powerful stories of teens whose lives have been changed by a single, caring adult. All teenagers experience troubled times - some more serious than others. Even though they might not show it (or even know it), all they sometimes really need is someone to listen [...]