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Michael Phelps

Have You Heard Of the 2,168 Year Old Record That Was Broken at the Rio Olympics?

What is the connection between Michael Phelps and Leonidas of Rhodes? What do the years 2016 AD and 152 BC have in common? While you may easily recognise Michael Phelps as an ace swimmer, and the most decorated Olympian in history; you may not be able to say anything about Leonidas. Who was he, and [...]

What Will It Take For an Athlete To Be Successful At the Olympics?

Hurrah! The Olympics start tomorrow, with the opening ceremony set to take place at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. And for the next two weeks, until August 21, we will be regaled with a plethora of interesting sports and games. But to compete at such high level, these athletes underwent years of [...]

Don’t Ever Pee In the Pool! It Can Kill You!!

Almost everyone is guilty of it, at least once. You are having a fun day, splashing about in the pool and then oops! your bladder tells you you have to go now. Instead of painfully holding it in, swimming across the length of the pool, and running like a headless chicken to the bathroom. You [...]