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Interesting Facts About the Spacecraft JUNO, and Its Space Mission To JUPITER

It's no longer news that after a daring five year journey, Juno, the spacecraft launched by NASA finally went into orbit around Jupiter - the largest planet in our solar system. For the next two years, Juno will orbit round Jupiter as it gathers information that will help scientists understand how Jupiter and other planets [...]

So Tell Me, Why Do We ONLY See One Side of the Moon?

Has this thought ever crossed your mind? Look to the night sky on any night of the year, and staring back at you is the same side of the moon. Does it have only one side? Is it fixed in space? Does it spin about any axis? are some of the questions that come to [...]

Science Corner: What is a Satellite?

Global Positioning System Satellite (GPS) orbiting round the Earth I know what you are thinking. You are thinking along the lines of your DSTV satellite dish, or the type you see in Science documentaries, and movies like Gravity, and The Martian. Well, you may not be too far from the truth. A Satellite [...]

EXPLAINED: Why The Moon Is Shaped Like A Lemon

Scientists say they have finally discovered why the moon is shaped a bit like a lemon -- somewhat flattened with a bulge on each side. As detailed in a new paper published online in the journal Nature on July 30, 2014, it's all about tidal and rotational forces. "Early tides heated the Moon's crust in [...]

Why One-half Of The Moon Is Always Dark

All parts of the moon, with the exception of the corners of some deep craters that are in permanent shadow, are illuminated by the sun half the time. There is, however, a far side of the moon, which Earth-based observers never get to see, and which remained one of the great mysteries of nature until [...]

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