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SS2 Physics Third Term: Sound Wave

The Velocity of Sound Waves Since there are three states of matter, it means there must be three velocities for the three states, because experimentally three states are not the same. The velocity varies from medium to medium. The velocity of sound in air, for dry air at 00C is approximately 330m/s, but at room [...]

SS2 Computer Science Third Term: Algorithms and Flowcharts

Algorithms and Flowcharts Algorithm and  Flowchart are the two basic terms which aid the development of a software package conveniently. Algorithm: Is a step wise set of finite instructions written to solve a problem, it will be easier to code a program after writing a well prepared algorithm. An algorithm is an effective method that can [...]

SS3 Mathematics Second Term: Differentiation of Algebraic Functions

Introduction An algebraic function is a function that can be written using a finite number of the basic operations of arithmetic (i.e., addition, multiplication, and exponentiation). In order to take the derivative of these functions, we will need the power rule. The Power Rule: The power rule states that if , then . Exponential and [...]

Teens! Simple Ways to gradually improve your Grammar

It is every teenager’s dream to be able to speak and write good English language and never having to worry about committing grammatical blunders. And here is the truth- this is not impossible to do. But then you will first have to be determined and driven, because anyone looking to improve their grammar skills must [...]

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