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Teens! Learn About the Meaning of These Figures of Speech

Bust your balls: To harass with the intent to break one’s spirit Busting your chops: To say things intended to harass Can’t hold a candle to: To be far less competent or have far less skills than someone else Cat bird seat: A highly advantaged position, to have it all Chew the fat: To talk [...]

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Classwork Series and Exercises – English Language {SS2}: The Uses of Computer, Falling and Rising Tone

English Language SS2 Week 1 Contents: Oral English: The Falling and Rising Tones Vocabulary Development: Using Computers A. Oral English: The Falling and Rising Tone Intonation is the music of the voice. As we speak, our voices are constantly changing from one pitch to another. Intonation often tells us more about the feelings and attitude [...]

Grammar Clinic – Formal Speeches/ How to Write and Deliver a Speech

English Language SS2 Week 4 Contents: Oral English: Formal Speeches Word Structure: Prepositional Phrase Reading and Writing Skills: How to Write and Deliver a Speech A. Oral English: Formal Speeches Sooner or later in life you may be called upon to make a formal speech. It might happen when you are a special guest at [...]