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All About The Paper: The History And Process Of Paper-Making

As a student, you have to handle paper every day, all the time; throughout the duration of your studentship and beyond. You read texts written on paper, write on paper and draw on paper. Indeed, paper is so vital to everything we do in the classroom. But then it’s beyond the school really because we [...]

4 Things You Should Never Keep In Your Wallet

We have come up with a list of some of the things you shouldn't do, and paired them with alternatives instead. Take a look at some of them, and see if you agree.  1. Scraps of Paper Containing Your PINs Carrying your ATM card’s PIN and a collection of passwords on a scrap of paper in [...]

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Ice Cream. Toilet Paper. Football. 10 Things In Use Today that the Ancient Chinese Invented

Later today, Arsenal FC of England will take on Barcelona FC of Spain in a game of football. But did you know that the ancient Chinese were the first to play the game? They called it Cuju, and some of its rules have remained to this day. But that is just one, take a look [...]