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Reasons Why Every Teen Needs To Own Pet(s)

There are several [positive] benefits humans get from their pets on a daily basis. Oh yes…I’m a pets person and so should everyone else; hopefully. Most specifically, I would expect that the demographic who should be most interested in benefiting off the immense benefits of owning pets should be teenagers! I mean, considering how most [...]

No Hospitals and No Doctors, How Do Wild Animals Stay Healthy?

Humans sure have it easy. When we fall ill, a quick visit with the doctor and a prescription later does the fine job of making us well. Even pet animals have the luxury of a veterinary doctor, but what hope is there for wild animals when they get sick? Well, stay your beating heart; they [...]

MOVIE REVIEW: The Secret Life Of Pets

In a Manhattan apartment building in New York City, a spoiled terrier dog, Max enjoys a fantastic relationship with his owner, Katie. Beyond this, he's also friends with other pets in his building. There is fat cat Chloe, goofy pug Mel, tricky wiener dog Buddy, fluffy Pomeranian Gidget (who is in love with Max by [...]

A Good Word, Food or Petting? Study Reveals What Your Dog Really Wants

"Good dog" just doesn't cut it with pooches. Surprising new research shows that dogs prefer petting over verbal praise. "I spend half my day talking to my dog," study co-author Dr. Clive Wynne, professor and director of the Canine Science Collaboratory at Arizona State University, told the Huffington reporter. "She always looks like it's valuable [...]

REVEALED: Another Way Dogs Are Just Like Humans

Dogs Can Be Optimistic Or Pessimistic Just Like People, Study Shows Some see the bowl as half-empty; for other dogs, it's half-full. At least that's what researchers at The University of Sydney in Australia say. Their new study shows that some dogs are inherently more optimistic than others. "This research is exciting because it measures [...]