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Is Pink For Girls, and Blue For Boys?

Some boys will not be caught dead in pink because they feel it's a girl's colour, and heaven forbid they wear an article of clothing that's pink lest they come across as "girlie"! But girls are freer with both colours, they could slip on a pair of blue denim trousers as easily as they would [...]


What's your colour? Blue? Pink? Brown? Whatever it may be, wouldn't it interest you to find out what psychologists say are the predominant personalities of people who love the colour, and whether you agree with them or not? And we introduce to you the colours in no specific order...... BLACK Those who love blacks are [...]

Up For A Little Brain Teaser?

Below are some brain teasers. To aid your thinking, I have highlighted words you should focus on to reach the right answers. I hope you enjoy them, 1. Inside a pink bungalow , there was a pink person, a pink cat, a pink fish, a pink computer, a pink chair, a pink table, a pink [...]