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Are You a “Born Entrepreneur”? These 8 Outstanding Qualities Of an Entrepreneur Will Tell You

It has been said that entrepreneurship is the “new normal”. What this means is that in this generation, more people are looking to be an entrepreneur than being an employee. But then you ask: “People must still work in businesses created by entrepreneurs, won’t they?” And you would be absolutely correct! Not everyone will be [...]

Do You Know Where You’re Heading? Don’t Go Without A Map!

Is your life on track? Do you know where you’re heading, and how well you are progressing toward your goals? Maybe you’re still trying to figure out what you’ll be “when you grow up.” While others set out toward certain careers, you’re still floundering. Or maybe you once wrote out a list of things you [...]

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Are you one of those students that find themselves in situations where they seem not to have enough money for the things they need and the things that are important to them? then you need a budget and not just a budget, a practical one that best fits you. Budgeting allows you to create a spending plan for your money [...]

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