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What a BUSINESS PLAN Is. And Why You Need To Know How To Draft One

Financial experts and entrepreneurs will tell you that a business plan is to an enterprise what dated goals are to a successful life. In other words, an enterprise is more likely to be successful when all involved know the details of what they hope to achieve and their roles in realising them. If this be [...]

Grammar Clinic – Formal Speeches/ How to Write and Deliver a Speech

English Language SS2 Week 4 Contents: Oral English: Formal Speeches Word Structure: Prepositional Phrase Reading and Writing Skills: How to Write and Deliver a Speech A. Oral English: Formal Speeches Sooner or later in life you may be called upon to make a formal speech. It might happen when you are a special guest at [...]

The Secret Behind How Entrepreneurs Can Take Their Ideas From Dreams To Reality

One of the worst mistakes an entrepreneur can make is to launch a product before they are ready. Not only will they lose credibility in the eyes of customers, their competitors will learn from these mistakes and use it to their own advantage. What's more? Your competitors get to conserve their own resources until they are [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {English Language – JSS3}: Writing An Argument and Figures Of Speech

English Language JSS3 Second Term Week 4 Contents: Skill Focus: Writing an Argument Literature: Figures of Speech Skill Focus: Writing an Argument Argument An argument in everyday English is a quarrel. But a written ' argument'  is a piece of writing that sets out what you think and why you think it. It is not ' [...]