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What Are Promise Rings, And What Do They Mean?

A promise ring can mean many different things, and before giving this tangible symbol of a commitment, individuals should be certain their promise will be easily understood not only by the person wearing the ring, but by others who may misconstrue the intent of the promise. What are Promise Rings? Promise rings are small, beautiful [...]

Girl Talk: What Makes Guys Think Girls Are Too Clingy

Hi Admin, Do boys get annoyed if a girl is too clingy? If so, what does a girl do that makes you think they are clingy? In reality, I think the lines between “clingy” and “really, really interested” are often blurred for both guys and girls. Because every person has their own threshold for giving [...]

ANSWERED: How Do You Tell Someone You Like Him/Her

Hi, Please I need your help on this. There is this lady I like so much. I’ve been told before that she likes me but, she hasn’t told me that herself. I’m thinking of telling her I like her, but I don’t know how I should approach it. How should I tell her? I think [...]

10 Things You Need To Know Before You Start Dating

Dating is complicated, especially when you’ve never done it before. There’s a reason it’s the number one thing people write about and give advice about in magazines, on websites, and even in TV shows and movies. Everyone is always up for more love advice! Before you start dating, you’ll probably feel very overwhelmed, like you [...]

Girl Talk: 9 warning signs you shouldn’t date him

When you really like someone, it’s easy to ignore any of the red flags that they might not be, well… the best guy in the world. Even when the flags are flying high, and everyone else can see it, we tend to ignore the bad things about our crushes. We put on our rose-coloured glasses, [...]

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7 Signs You’re Not Ready To Have Sex

One of the questions secretly on every teen’s lips is this: How do I know if I’m ready to have sex? It’s a completely valid question. How do you know if you’re ready to take that step?  I used to obsess about the same exact thing – after all, no one wants to regret their [...]

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7 Things You Don’t Have To Do Just Because You’re Single

Being single can be really fun. I mean, take it from me, I’ve been living the single life for some time now. I’m really good at it, too. Anyway, there are some things you definitely should do when you’re single, but there are plenty of things you shouldn’t do just because you’re a walking version [...]

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What To Do When Friends Make Fun Of You For Not Being In A Relationship

Hi Admin, This probably sounds silly, but my friends always tease me about not having a boyfriend. I’ve tried telling them I’m not ready and I don’t want one right now. I’m only 16-years-old and I want to be free and chase after my dreams. I am just not ready for what they see as [...]

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The 9 Most Unattractive Things A Girl Can Say, According To Guys

You know that phrase, “actions speak louder than words?” I totally believe it, but I also believe that words can be super powerful. The way you say something, or what you say (even if you meant something completely different), can cause people to think about you in a certain way. If you say the wrong [...]

The 9 Most Unattractive Things A Guy Can Say, According To Girls

Some guys wonder why it does appear like no girl ever wants to talk to them. Well, the solution to that might be here, after all! I read an awesome Ask Reddit thread about the most unattractive things members of the opposite sex can say to each other. I put together a list of things [...]

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