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3 Smart Money Moves Everyone, Including You, Should Be Making

While Warren Buffett makes a good case for investing as an avenue for wealth creation, another billionaire, Mark Cuban, is of the opinion that people should stay as afar away from it as possible. Since we can learn from the points on which we disagree as much as those on which we agree, we would [...]

Why It Is Important For You to Save Some Money

I like you to understand that in thinking about how to effectively manage money, the first thing to consider is saving and this means every time you get some money, either as a gift or an allowance from your parents or relatives, it is important that you set aside some of that money for yourself. [...]

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The 3 Great Benefits of SAVING and INVESTING as Told By a Billionaire

Don't ever think you are too young to start learning about smart savings and investments. Billionaire, Warren Buffett started to learn the fundamentals of investing from his father when he was only a boy. Little wonder, people are usually interested in his investment advice because he has had more years of do-it-yourself experience. So in [...]

Force Yourself To Save With These 4 Tricks

You may think that you are still too young to learn about financial literacy, after all, your parents pay for everything and your little allowance is all for spending. But the truth is that you will not be with your parents forever, you will go away to the university, and grow into an adult with [...]