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Can Ed-tech Devices Make Students More Employable?

The job market is consistently evolving, period. Some of the jobs that existed a decade back have either become obsolete or gone extinct today. This phase of societal evolution is challenging - if not daunting - for not just students and workforce in the making but teachers as well. For teachers, the challenge is super [...]

What Is Educational Technology?

Educational technology is a systematic application of relevant technological processes and resources in teaching, with a goal to improve students’ performance. It involves a disciplined approach to identifying the needs of students, applying technology in instructions, and tracking their performance. Many people are wondering: what do you mean by educational technology? There are many definitions of the concept, [...]

Nine Ways Tech Will Soon Impact Education

In addition to computers, students of today often have access to such tech as smart boards and tablets as learning aids. In fact, technology has become so integrated into education that many are looking to once-futuristic, now realistic tech such as augmented and virtual realities (AR and VR) to lead the way in the next-generation [...]

Want To Type Emojis On a Computer Keyboard? Here’s How.

One day in the very near future, I'm sure that an exam question will read:  Without Emojis, life would be —, or Fish is to water as Emojis are to —. What would we do without Emojis? Without saying or typing a word, we can show others what we think of their ugly picture, their [...]

The Bracelet that Wants to Make You Happy!

Yes, you read the title correctly. The bracelet is your own little pick-me-up on those days when it seems everything couldn't possibly get worse. It is being proposed by Sentio Solutions which is based in New York. Though the bracelet does not change colour, it helps you improve your mood by describing your emotional state, [...]