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Teens’ health

Take note Teens: Tips for taking Care of your Nails

Right early on in life, we get told how very necessary it is for us to always keep our nails clean. And what better way to keep the nails clean than to trim them, right? Trimming the nails help to prevent dirt from getting collected in them, said dirt which is then unknowing transferred to [...]

Teens! Protect yourselves from Mosquito Bites and Malaria

We all hate everything about it- its annoying sound and that moment it actually bites us, sucks our blood and infects us with malaria. Mosquitoes! Undoubtedly one of the world’s most hated insects. But no matter how we all try to avoid it, it seems to get ever closer, posing serious dangers to health in [...]

Attention Teens! Tips to effective personal Hygiene

One of the ways I personally adjudge one’s maturity (both mental and physical) is to assess the level of such a person’s personal hygiene. Many will agree with me that it is gross to behold people who are unkempt, smelly and disgusting. That is [therefore] the reason why a lot is expected of you when [...]

Are you Dyslexic? These Tips should help you

Being dyslexic can be such a challenge, both for the student and for teachers. This is because not only will a dyslexic student struggle with reading and understanding school work, the teachers themselves will also have troubles teaching such a student. There is also the possibility of such student being bullied by other things who [...]