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How to Become a More Effective Learner (Part 2)

In our last blog post, we looked at some ways to become a more effective learner. We summarized Five main points. They include the following: 1. Memory Improvement Basics 2. Keep Learning and Practicing New Things 3. Learn In Multiple Ways 4. Teach What You Have Learnt To Another Person 5. Utilizing Previous Learning To [...]

How to Become a More Effective Learner (Part 1)

Are you interested in finding ways to learn new things faster? Do you want to become a more effective and efficient learner? If you are like many students, your time is limited so it is important to get the most educational value out of the time you have available. Speed of learning is not the [...]

Some amazing things every Teen should know about Milk production

We all love milk, especially so here in Nigeria where food allergies are rare (almost non-existent) and nobody is milk-intolerant. We use milk for our chocolate drinks, use it to drink our paps and akara on Saturdays and use it also on those Sunny afternoons we feel like drinking garri with loads of groundnut and [...]

Between Yemi Alade and Sheyi Shay, who is more interesting to Teens?

A few Saturdays ago I was at home with my younger ones, watching a TV programme where the anchor compared Sheyi Shay's and Yemi Alade's dress senses and general beauty standards. It was an interesting show I must say, and by the end of it the anchor concluded that Sheyi Shay was more beautiful by [...]

Boys! Do you want to grow some Beards faster? Let me show you the Secrets

Teenagers, especially the male ones, always wish they could look older than their actual age. For them, the ability to look older than their actual age[s] would help them to assert their independence and maybe even woo the girls. But then boys have one thing to their disadvantage- their hormones which typically tend to develop [...]

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Inculcating Leadership Skills in Teens: What Schools must do

Some people may be born leaders, but a lot of training go into making them become the best they could be. In the same vein, some are not born leaders, but can be trained to lead. In a world where the ability to effectively and efficiently lead others and oneself is a necessary  skill to [...]

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Father-Son Relationship: Important Lessons every Father must teach their Sons

Boys look up to their fathers a lot to teach them about life, how to be successful, how to treat women and how to raise good families amongst other things. Most of these they learn by simply observing their old men, which explains why boys with good fathers typically grow up to become good men [...]

How Parents and Teachers can detect Signs of Low Self Esteem in Teenagers

Teenage years can be hectic, even as they are typically characterized by many teenagers having insecurity issues. As a result of the problems they face both at home and in school such as bullying and peer pressure, teens overtime find themselves struggling with low self esteem and other related issues. It is therefore important for [...]

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Realistic Tips for effective teen mentoring

When it comes to mentoring teenagers and helping to mold and remold their minds so that they may become the best they could ever be, parents and teachers have crucial roles to play. There is therefore the need for them to come to this realization and live up to the expectation. Also it is important [...]

How can Teens deal with Infatuation?

It is a normal thing for teenagers to develop crushes for one another every now and then. But what aren’t normal are the crazy things teenagers would most likely do to get the attention of their crush. Indeed, some teenagers do some seriously weird things when they are infatuated. And the sad thing is that [...]

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