Don’t Just Study Harder, Study Smarter! Consider 4 Ways of Doing This

How many times have you been told by parents, advisers, and teachers alike to study harder? But what does it even mean to study hard? Do you have to study until your head hurts? It sure sounds like it! The whole idea of studying harder suggests that you are really not putting in your best [...]

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Classwork Series and Exercises {Mathematics – JSS2}: Pythagoras Theorem

JSS 2 Mathematics Third Term Week 1 Topic: PYTHAGORAS’ THOEREM Pythagorean theorem which states the special relationship between the sides of a right triangle is perhaps the most popular and most applied theorem in Geometry. The algebraic statement of the Pythagorean theorem is used to derive the distance formula in coordinate Geometry and to prove [...]

Does your mind go blank during exams? Here’s how to overcome test anxiety

I’m not so sure of anyone who’s 100% immune to exam fears. Anxiety is one cause of failure in exams and not necessarily poor preparation. Does your mind go blank in exams? Do you score much lower on exams than on homework? Then you may have what psychologists call test anxiety. Everyone worries about exams, [...]

17 Very Funny Answers to Exam Questions That Students Have Given

Has it ever happened to you? You are seated for a test or examination, and one of the questions just seem so hard to crack that you felt the best you could do was improvise? Perhaps, you are one of those who has an original mind, and just cannot help but point out the faulty [...]

7 Killer Revision Tips to Help You in Your Exams

Examinations are here again - though I cannot see you, I can hear you groan - and I completely understand.  I have walked the same road, in exactly the same shoes, the reason I have compiled these simple steps - from examination experts I should add - to help you revise and remember on examination [...]

Don’t Fear Failure! Why a little bit of anxiety can be a good thing

(By Blake Kernen) I wish I could say that it stood for "fabulous" or "fantastic" but I didn't. My first big fat "F" stood for what it always stands for: "Fail." How could this happen? I knew the material, I had studied hard, I even went to see the teacher a couple of times before [...]

The Best Study Skills – Five Important Strategies You Should Know and Use

Advice on the best study skills can be found in many books and across the web. However, these sources often gloss over certain memory-related habits that can really help you remember the material much better. On this page I describe five proven study strategies that every student should know and use to maximise their retention [...]

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