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8 Reasons It’s Totally Gross To Fight Over Text

There is really no other word for it – it’s just GROSS to fight over text. The worst thing about text messages is the lack of emotion – you can’t tell exactly what someone is thinking or how they’re feeling just by reading what they’re writing. That makes it much easier to get confused by [...]

Do Guys Think It’s Annoying When Girls Text First?

Texting these days is a necessary evil. It’s the easiest mode of communication and allows us to talk without having to actually speak to someone. It’s super convenient, but it also can cause a lot of stress when someone doesn’t respond to a text right away or when deciding which emoji to use. Texting in [...]

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Really? “Teens who send more than 100 texts a day are more likely to be having sex”

Teens who send more than 100 texts a day are more likely to be sexually active, researchers have claimed. They also say that teens who 'sext' are six times more likely to be having sex. The first major study into sexting said there were 'clear links' between sexting and risky behaviour. The latest research, published [...]

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Meet The Teen Who Broke A Guinness World Record For Fastest Texter (VIDEO)

For those who complain that teens spend too much time in front of their phones, for one talented 17-year-old, the time was well spent. Marcel Fernandes Filho recently broke a Guinness World Record becoming the fastest texter using a smartphone. In just 18.19 seconds, the Brazilian teen typed out the following 25-word message on a [...]

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