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How This Bullied Teen Turned His Anger Into Being a Successful Entrepreneur

Have you been at the receiving end of cruel jokes, remarks, and beatings by bully schoolmates? Perhaps you feel there can be no way out of the daily torment, and for you, going to school can be compared to the feelings of an anxious soldier dispatched to the battle front. You may be sad, angry, [...]

Science Shows How We Flush Billions of Naira Down the Drain Yearly

Scientists have found trace amounts of copper, gold and silver in sewage as well as lost jewelry which they believe get into the sewers through a myriad of ways. What Are the Sources? They can get into sewers from precious metals which are increasingly being used in shampoos, cleaning products, cosmetics and detergents; shavings from [...]

Heartbreaking: Teen worried about exam results left chilling note for parents before committing suicide

A teenager worried about failing her exams wrote her parents a chilling suicide note before committing suicide, Mirror.co.uk reports. Amy Latham, 18, left a message in her bedroom saying: “To save you looking for me I’m dead. I will probably be in a tree.” Her body was found hanging in woodland near her home in [...]

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